Wildfire>_ FAQ

Q: What is the primary aim of Wildfire>_?

A: Our primary aim is to get pontificating windbags like Gareth Evans to just shut up. Exhaustive analysis has convinced us that the easiest way to do this is to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

Q: Who is behind Wildfire>_?

A: People who probably shouldn't be. In March 2014, Richard Lennane was appointed as Chief Inflammatory Officer and the public face of Wildfire>_. Other Wildfire>_ operatives remain anonymous.

Q: What was the inspiration for Wildfire>_?

A: The boycott by the P5 nuclear-weapon states of the Oslo conference on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons, and of the Open-ended Working Group. We could smell their fear - they were out of ammunition, open and exposed. It was as if they had put up a neon sign saying "nuclear disarmament - this way".

Q: Why doesn't Wildfire>_ talk about delegitimizing nuclear weapons?

A: Because nuclear weapons are already illegitimate. This is a fundamental point. Wildire>_ advocates a treaty that will simply codify the existing understanding of the large majority of non-nuclear-weapon states.

Q: What about Iran - how will a new treaty help with that situation?

A: By dealing elegantly with both sides of the picture. If (as it claims) Iran really has no intention of developing nuclear weapons, it will join the new treaty and claim the moral high ground. If (as various others claim) Iran is developing nuclear weapons or is hedging its bets, then it has a difficult choice. Either it can join the new treaty, which means forgoing the option of withdrawing from its legally-binding undertaking never to obtain nuclear weapons, or it can stay outside - which would greatly strengthen the hand of its critics.

Q: Why is Wildfire>_ so harsh on civil society?

A: Partly to get your attention. But mostly because, with rare exceptions, you are part of the problem. Sorry. You are partners with the nuclear-weapon states in a ritual dance, where the steps never change - see the page on addiction, codependence and learned helplessness. You need to break the pattern: bury your dinosaurs, let loose your young hotheads, stop being so polite, timid, analytical and goddamn reasonable - reconnect with your sense of outrage, put some fire in your bellies and steel in your spines.

Q: I'm excited that somebody is finally doing something on nuclear disarmament. Can I donate money to Wildfire>_?

A: Yes. Please contact Richard Lennane at richard@wildfire-v.org. We cannot accept contributions from governments, unless the amount is really huge.

Q: Can I join Wildfire>_?

A: We are working on this. In the meantime, you can be part of Wildfire>_ simply by doing something - anything - to help start negotiations on a treaty banning nuclear weapons. If you have specific ideas, suggestions or actual help to offer, please contact Richard Lennane at richard@wildfire-v.org.

Change the game.

Disturb the universe.

Outlaw nuclear weapons now. >_