Changing the game

The key: separate prohibition from disarmament.

Outlaw nuclear weapons now. Disarmament will follow later.

Two steps to a world free of nuclear weapons:

  1. Negotiate, conclude and bring into force a ban.
  2. Negotiate the disarmament and verification process.

Nuclear-weapon states need not be involved in step 1.
Nuclear weasel states (NATO members and other umbrella-dwellers) need not be involved in step 1.
Step 1 could be achieved in as little as two years.
There are around 140 states which could start step 1 now.
What are they waiting for?

Step 1 requires only a simple treaty:

  • that completely and permanently bans the acquisition, possession, transfer and use of nuclear weapons: no exceptions, no loopholes, no withdrawals.
  • that non-nuclear-weapon states parties to the NPT may join freely.
  • that nuclear-weapon states (NPT parties or not) may join after entry into force by negotiating an accession protocol stipulating time-bound disarmament steps and verification provisions (Step 2).

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It's time to change the game. >_