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Wildfire>_ does now exist. But we can't reveal too much, apart from our official name: the Geneva Nuclear Disarmament Initiative.

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001: Nuclear disarmament: some cold hard truths

010: Changing the game (separating prohibition from disarmament)

011: Turning the tables (about a treaty banning nuclear weapons)

100: Disturbing the universe (what it means for different states)

101: Nuclear addiction, codependence and learned helplessness

110: Confronting the sceptics, rousing the downtrodden

111: Playing the new game (after a ban treaty)

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NPT Review Conference 2015

Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons

NPT Preparatory Committee 2014

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Brief outline of the ban treaty idea

Nuclear disarmament - you're doing it wrong paper

A simple question: should nuclear weapons be legal? paper

A ban treaty as a transformative process paper

Open letter to Brazil, February 2014: English | Portuguese

Open letter to the Non-aligned Movement, May 2014: English | French | Spanish

Open letter to the International Committee of the Red Cross, November 2014: English | Spanish

"Help is not coming" picture

Twitter series: Great Moments in Nuclear Disarmament

"Cut the crap" postcard

Australia "wanted" handout: English | Spanish

Netherlands "wanted" handout: English | Spanish

"Missing: backbone" handout: English | Spanish

Change the game.

Disturb the universe.

Outlaw nuclear weapons now. >_