Turning the tables

A treaty banning nuclear weapons

  • that includes none of the nuclear-weapon states
  • that contains no disarmament or verification provisions
seems pointless...
is counterintuitive...
changes everything.

It gives power and freedom to the non-nuclear-weapon states: to set the agenda, to take control, to lay down the terms, to make the law - to act instead of wait.

It unequivocally outlaws nuclear weapons, and makes outlaws of the nuclear-weapon states.

It provides a solid legal basis and collective international platform from which to pursue and control the disarmament phase.

It makes a better NPT than the NPT: no provision for withdrawal, no "nuclear sharing" loopholes, no "general war" exception.

It flushes the nuclear weasel states out of their comfortably ambiguous armchairs, and forces them to choose.

It offers civil society a single, simple, specific, visible, achievable goal around which to organize and campaign.

It gives definite shape and form to a world free of nuclear weapons - even if that world will still take decades to achieve.

It changes the game - profoundly.

Light the fire, spread the flames: do you dare
disturb the universe? >_